Dalla Nonna

Our Story

Dalla Nonna brings to your table the flavours of authentic region of Emilia Romagna cuisine respecting its tradition, healthy and varied in every season of the year.

We offer our competences to prepare at your Market typical dishes, such as Crescentine, Tigelle and Piadina .Or less known regional dishes of the Emilia Romagna culinary tradition, such as Passatelli, Erbazzone etc….preparated with passion.

About Me





Our Philosophy

One of the essential elements of the human being (of being human) is respect. This means for us to respect our country, Italy, to have respect for the originality of its enogastronomic products and to have respect in front of our customers, that deserve authentic and not misrepresented meals.

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The Mission

As Italian abroad I have the duty and honor to preserve and spread the authentic italian food through its authentic and traditional kitchen. I like to think that I’m contributing to the well-being of people through the antique art of cooking and the italian bakery, thanks to the use of the most genuine ingredients

My work of continuous research aimed at recovering the best raw materials and traditional techniques of artisanal work, in order to reach an authentic meal.